#3 To Mom

Mother & Daughter's Love Wide Desktop Background

Everyone grows apart,

Both friends & family master this art.

The only lucky coin to keep aside,

Is that your mother is always by your side.

Alone you enter this world & leave it the same way,

But the cozy warmth in her arms is what makes you stay.

Love her unconditionally coz she does too,

Wonder how many mountains did God climb to create you.

You are my starting point & you are my destination,

Mother, your presence in life is my only illumination.


My third guys! To my Mom. I’am sure you feel the same way ❤


#2 Broken Pieces


Tired of gathering broken pieces,

Sharp but dead like ashes.

Filled with memories old,

Wish they would re-shape in a mould.

Wanna empty the box and them flow,

So the pieces won’t prick me as I let go.

Letting go is the hardest part,

How is anyone able to forget the past.

Cause its the past that haunts me,

That makes my future unable to see.

So before its ruined, I have to be bold,

These broken pieces I have, I cannot hold.

I will empty the box and let them flow,

So the pieces won’t prick me as I let go.

This one is my second! Deeply meaningful if you go through it. Do share if you like 🙂 ❤

– xoxo, Quirky Girl.