Think too much?

How do you know if you are falling apart?
Is it that you’re hair looks dirty? Or that you can’t find matching shoes! Or you’re fat!!
Maybe, but mostly its the people around you. Once you get attached to someone, you start expecting things from them. Not gifts! But what happens when they don’t live up to it? It’s not like you want them to do things or to behave like you want them to, but when you feel attached you kinda like those things.
So, what if it doesn’t happen? What if they don’t feel the same way? What if you’ve been wrong about them all along?
These questions come to your mind. But then there are two sides to a coin!
What if you are one with too much expectations? What if you can’t read our figure out people?
I really don’t know what’s right. I sure think a lot!
But when you do something for someone, doesn’t it feel nice to be treated the same way?
And the fact that I’m saying this or even thinking so much, is crazy! Coz I’m the most cold hearted person I know of! And thinking that someone else is taking my place… Well, doesn’t feel good!
So, that me! What do guys think of this whole falling apart thing?


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